As a member of Manitoba鈥檚 Broader Public Service established by the Public Services Act, 调教色情片 is committed to the effective delivery of services. The Division will regularly review its policies and procedures – HSD Effective Public Service Action Plan.

Section A: Foundations and Basic Commitments

The Foundations and Basic Commitments聽section contains policies that provide a setting for the school board鈥檚 legal role in providing public education and the basic principles underlying school board governance.

Section B: School Board Governance and Operations

The School Board Governance and Operations聽section contains polices on the governance and operation of the school board, including how trustees are appointed or elected; how the board is organized; how it conducts meetings; how it operates; and bylaws / policies establishing the board鈥檚 internal operating procedures.

Section C: General School Administration

The General School Administration聽section contains policies pertaining to the management and administrative organization of schools in the division.

Section D: Fiscal Management

The Fiscal Management聽section contains policies pertaining to school finances, the management of divisional and school funds, and funding the construction of new buildings or the renovations of current school buildings.

Section E: Support Services

The Support Services聽section contains policies pertaining to non-instructional services and programs such as: Student Services, Workplace Safe and Health; Buildings and Grounds Management, Office Services, and Transportation.

Section G: Personnel

The Personnel聽section contains policies pertaining to various aspects of employment that either enhance subjects located in employment agreements or are not referred to in employment agreements between 调教色情片 and it’s staff.

Section J: Students

The Students section contains policies pertaining to students and includes: admissions, attendance, rights and responsibilities, conduct, discipline, health and welfare, and school-related activities.

Section K: School, Community, Home Relations

The Community Relations section contains policies pertaining to education agencies and statements on public sector relations with the division.